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„Hiro“ is the Singhalese term for sun. With harmony, warmth, tranquility and traditional Ayurvedic methods we have been making sure for 12 years that you are able to live a more conscious life.

The start of a spiritual journey

Gain new strengths and energy with the Panchakarma-treatment, accompanied by a regular doctor’s consultation. Enjoy our Ayurvedic cuisine specially designed for your physical constitution type and find your inner balance in our yoga pavilion – set in harmony with nature.
We want to offer you much more than just a short-term relaxation and recovery but rather accompany you on the journey to your true inner self and a more conscious life in the here and now.


Unsere Resorts

Hiru Villa

Hiru Villa

Ayurveda Resort Maggona

Das idyllische Resort an der Südwestküste Sri Lankas entstand als erstes der drei Hiru Ayurveda Resorts.

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Hiru Beach

Hiru Beach

Ayurveda Resort Kosgoda

Der Hiru Villa in ihrer Schönheit ebenbürtig ist das malerische Refugium am unberührten Kosgoda Beach gelegen.

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Hiru Mudra

Hiru Mudra

Ayurveda Resort Induruwa

Unser drittes und jüngste Hiru Ayurveda Resort ist von der symbolischen Handgeste „Mudra“ inspiriert.

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Ayurveda – The mother of medicine

The knowledge of longevity

The teachings of Ayurveda has its roots deeply embedded in India and is based on scriptures, that are more then 2500 years old. To this day it is regarded as the oldest healing method in the world, its influences can be found in the traditional Chinese medicine, herbal medicine of the Western countries and in modern Medicine today. The term derives from the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit, and translates to „knowledge of longevity“.

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Kapha pitta vata

Sri Lanka – an island in the Indian Ocean

Dive into the cultural diversity

Surrounded by the Indian Ocean Sri Lanka was formerly known under the name Ceylon. The island nation is located in the South of India. More than 22 million people of different religions and ethnic groups live together in today’s democratic-socialist republic. The official language is Sinhala, the local – Tamil, and English is used for trade and education. Favored by the island’s location, Sri Lanka has long served as a hub for maritime transport between West and Southeast Asia. Before being colonized by the Portuguese, Dutch and later the British Sri Lanka was one of the centers of ancient Buddhism.

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Yoga – Re-united with yourself and the world

The Hiru Resorts – A Yoga vacation that is one of a kind

In addition to the daily treatments with our therapist team, you have the opportunity to deepen your spiritual experience through regular yoga group lessons. These take place under the guidance of a yoga teacher in our idillic yoga-pavillion. With the help of physical (asanas) and various breathing exercises (pranayama) and deep relaxation you will find gracefulness, as well as inner peace and mental clarity. You will be more in touch with yourself and the surrounding environment. Even your personal Yoga mat is already waiting for you when you arrive so all you need to bring are comfortable clothes.

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Panchakarma – The core of every Ayurveda cure

The Pachakarma cure embodies the most profound and effective method of physical cleansing and regeneration. Its name can be translated to „five proceedings“ which hints on the procedure of the cure: cleansing, purification, weight regulation, regeneration and harmonization of the bioenergies. With the Panchakarma cure we can help you treat disorders of the digestive and cardiovascular system, migraines and depression.

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Tripadvisor Bewertungen

Die ideale Location wenn Du dich abschalten willst und ein gesunde Auszeit brauchst! Das Team is sehr freundlich und hilfreich gewesen, das Essen war sehr gesund und lecker (auch wenn teilweise Gewohnheitsbedürftig), die Zimmer waren sehr gemütlich und die Behandlungen waren Super!

Geo Q Stuttgart, Deutschland




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