Music Therapy – Healing sounds from India

In our Hiru resorts you can experience the healing effects music has on your mind, soul, and body. In combination with our Ayurvedic knowledge, we also offer you a sonic experience that appeals to all the senses. We consider music therapy as a further instrument to encourage you in your spiritual development. Enjoy this offer as an integral part of the therapies offered in our resorts.

This therapy method has a positive effect on your body and mind. For instance, it ensures a decreased release of stress hormones and, due to its relaxing effects it has been used as a supplement to the Ayurveda treatment for years.

The effectiveness of music therapy is accepted worldwide. It is applied in various disciplines to treat illnesses and disorders, for example, in pain therapy, in the treatment of depression or high blood pressure, and in the care of Alzheimer’s or Autistic patients.

Our music therapy comes from India. Its distinctive sounds have a positive impact on the human organism and help to realign the balance between body and mind.

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