Nutrition As A remedy in the Ayurveda Treatment

The Ayurvedic teaching regards nutrition as a natural remedy and gives it high priority. Nutrition and diet are the decisive factors for a successful healing process and healthy life. Thus, a personalized dietary plan for each guest is an important component of your Ayurveda cure.

Depending on your dominant dosha, you will eat specific foods to promote balance between all three doshas. Being an Ayurveda-chef requires much experience and knowledge about the foods, herbs, and spices that stimulate the “digestive fire” (Agni) and balance the doshas.

Following this, your meals will be prepared to suit you individually. You will dine in harmony with nature and the doshas and experience the culinary delights that appeal to all the senses. During your stay, our Hiru Ayurveda resorts will teach you to recognize and consider the needs of your own body.

Ayurvedic Cooking Lessons – Learn How to prepare Ayurvedic meals

You have the opportunity to visit cooking demonstrations, which take place on a regular basis. You will learn how Ayurvedic meals are traditionally prepared and receive tips on how to cook easy and fast meals with different spices. The basic principles are easy to learn and to take home as a new experience and inspiration. If you have any questions or suggestions you can reach out to our kitchen team. Thus, you can continue to incorporate your new-found knowledge on Ayurvedic cuisine into your diet at home.

In a final medical consultation at the end of your stay you will receive a personalised diet plan and food chart. You are given advice on foods suitable for your constitution type and medical condition to use after their Ayurveda cure in Sri Lanka. By following these recommendations at home, you will notice lasting effects even weeks after your stay.

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