Panchakarma – The core of every Ayurveda cure

The Panchakarma cure embodies the most profound and effective method of physical cleansing and regeneration. The name of the cure can be translated to „five proceedings“ which already hints on the procedure of the cure: cleansing, purification, weight regulation, regeneration and harmonization/alignment of the bio energies.


Internationally – recognised studies confirm the success of our health cure. An Ayurvedic diet which is individually adapted to the individual person and special procedures detoxify the body, strengthen the immune system and calm the mind.
In doing so, illnesses that occur due to an over stressing of body and psyche can be healed. With the Panchakarma cure we can help you treat disorders of the digestive and cardiovascular system, migraines and depression.

Burnout Prevention – Preventing Everyday Stress

We pay particular attention to the prevention of “burnout“ syndrome. Especially in the European and Western area, where the feeling of exhaustion is very common. It is the result of lack of energy and vitality that is all too easy to set in stressful everyday life.

Agni – Restoration of the digestive fire

One of the main burnout factors is the lack of effectiveness of the digestive system, that is often caused by wrong diet. Since digestion is directly dependent on health and state of mind, Ayurvedic treatment starts right here. Studies in endocrinology show that “hormones for good sensations” serotonin is 95% produced in the intestine and only 1% in the brain! By restoring the full power of the digestive system, the body recovers its full energy. In addition to increasing the quality of life, the health cure also regulates the early aging processes.

Noticeable healing with lasting effect

At our Ayurveda resorts, you can expect a profound and long-lasting, positive change in your overall consciousness – optimally integrated into the yoga, tai chi and meditation lessons of your anti-stress vacation. The prescribed products are specially prepared for you in the in-house pharmacy. You will gain new joie de vivre, balance and strength.

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