Find Your Inner Balance with Authentic Ayurveda

Surrounded by tropical plants and coconut trees, our idyllic resorts are located only 1.5 hours from Colombo’s airport. Each of our three accommodations, “Hiru Villa,” “Hiru Beach,” and “Hiru Mudra” offers a combination of modern comfort and traditional Ayurveda that take you away from the busyness of everyday life.

Hiru” is the Singhalese term for sun. In Sanskrit the word sun means “Surya” and is also the name for a tree in Sri Lanka, attributed with healing effects used for Ayurvedic treatment. In Sri Lanka “Surya,” the sun, is also the basis for the element of fire in the human organism, responsible for both, our body temperature as well as our digestive and metabolic processes.

Each resort has its own unique charm, is well managed by a dedicated team, and guarantees you a complete treatment by experienced Ayurveda doctors. As the treatment, procedure, and prices are identical in each of the Hiru Ayurveda resorts, you also have the chance to switch between the places of residence (depending on the length of your stay).

Please bear in mind that your holiday at the Hiru resorts is equivalent to the stay at a health resort, where your body, mind, and soul will be refreshed and realigned. Our experience has shown that a stay over a period of three to four weeks achieves the best results. Therefore, our doctors recommend a minimum of 14 days in order for all Ayurveda treatments to be administered fully and effectively.

In our resorts, German, English, and Italian speaking guest advisors are at your disposal, who assist you throughout your entire stay, accompany you to all your consultations with our doctors and translate everything for you.

Holistic Panchakarma-Ayurveda Treatment For Your Well-Being

Your authentic Panchakarma-Ayurveda cure is administered by our team of highly qualified, caring doctors and therapists. Our experienced doctors will be pleased to answer your questions at any time and provide regular, free lectures, which give you an overview about the teachings of Ayurveda.

The head physician in all our Hiru-resorts, Dr. Duminda Mahagodage, has more than 25 years of experience on Ayurveda and the original Panchakarma traditions. Supported by a team of qualified doctors, he will closely monitor your treatment and available for your questions at any time. Every one of our doctors is a graduate with many years of practical experience and has been specifically trained in Ayurvedic medicine with a focus on traditional Panchakarma treatment. When you make your booking reservation, we will provide you with Dr. Duminda’s recommendations in preparation for your Ayurveda-treatment.

At your arrival in one of our Hiru-resorts, the head physician will perform an initial medical examination. This is the basis for your individual treatment and dietary plan.

Every day you will enjoy at least four different treatments, including body massages, head massages (Shiro Abhyangy), face massages(Waktra Abyanga), Shirodara (the pouring of warm oil onto your forehead), nasal cleansing (Nasya Karma), as well as steam, herbal, or flower baths. All of these Ayurvedic treatments are complemented by traditional cosmetic treatments.

In addition, you have the chance to participate in weekly organized activities, such as Yoga, Qi Gong, meditations, and musical therapy.

In between your comprehensive treatment and individual sessions, you will have enough time to relax or engage in numerous, different activities, away from our resorts. You can take excursions to the surrounding area, in the morning or afternoon, timed perfectly to fit your daily treatment schedule. Apart from mystical temples and historical sited, you can visit the famous Fort of Galle, declared as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, or take trips to the magical lake sceneries with boats. We will be happy to advise and support you in the selection and organization of your individual tours.

We would recommend to take multiday trips and longer excursions before your stay at our Hiru resorts. This allows you to devote all your time and attention to the Ayurveda cure, regeneration, and relaxation after your round trip on the island, which we will gladly advise you on.

Activities in our Resorts



Yoga is an essential element of the Ayurvedic teachings and lifestyle. Through the practice of physical and breathing exercises as well as deep relaxation you will find new dimensions of flexibility, inner peace, and mental clarity.

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Qi Gong

The "inner martial arts" strengthens the body, prevents diseases and enables self-defence. Qi gong has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine.

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Music Therapy

In our resorts you can experience the healing effects music has on your mind, soul and body – an experience that appeals to all our senses.

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Working together in a place of strength and energy to create great things

With more than 22 years of experience in hospitality management and as a hotelier in various Ayurvedic facilities, Ruwan Gallearachchi, the founder of Hiru Resorts, decided to set up his own Ayurvedic paradise.

“Over the years, I’ve seen and learnt a lot. I benefited from those experiences and it helped me together with my team and the help of authentic Ayurveda cure to create a place, where our guests can find their way to inner balance, health and a new awareness.“

Ruwan Gallearachchi

Due to the success of the Hiru Villa and a steadily increasing demand, he opened the sister resorts Hiru Beach and Hiru Mudra. Each resort has its own unique charm, is well managed by a dedicated team, and guarantees you a complete treatment by experienced Ayurveda doctors.

Ruwan Gallearachchi Host

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