Qi Gong – Meditation in Motion

Qi gong are exercises to activate the vital energy that runs through the body. This ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique involves meditation, controlled breathing, and movement exercises. Qi gong aims at preserving your physical health as well as a balanced state of mind. Thus, qi gong is a useful and ideal supplement to your Ayurveda cure.

Qi gong’s has its roots in the traditional Chinese culture and medicine, but it is still used in today’s medical treatments. The holistic approach of the Chinese medicine encourages a form of healing that considers the whole person – body, mind, spirit, and emotions – in the quest for optimal health and balanced life style.

Based on the same principles as the practice of acupuncture, qi gong is even more basic than the needle therapy as it does not require any external interventions. Qi gong allows every practitioner to channel their energy (qi) through simple body and breathing exercises and methods of meditation. The practice of qi gong activates the self-healing powers. The actual sequenced movements of the qi gong exercises follow the pathways of the energy meridians that run through the body.

During your stay at one of our Hiru resorts, you can participate in a group lesson twice a week, which practices the most common form of qi gong, “The Eight Pieces of Brocade.”

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