Yoga – Re-united with yourself and the world

In addition to the daily treatments with our therapist team, you have the opportunity to deepen your spiritual experience through regular yoga group lessons. These take place under the guidance of a yoga teacher in our idyllic yoga pavilion. With the help of physical exercises (asanas), various breathing exercises (pranayama), and deep relaxation you will regain flexibility, inner peace, and mental clarity. You will be more in touch with yourself and the environment surrounding you. Your personal yoga mat is already waiting for you in your room when you arrive, so all you need to bring are comfortable clothes.

Yoga and Ayurveda – The Perfect Combination

In Sri Lanka, Yoga and Ayurveda are inseparable sisters. Both originate as part of a greater system of Vedic knowledge. Thus, we offer regular yoga lessons as an important component of your Ayurveda treatment. The combination of inner concentration, controlled breathing, and movement stimulates life energy and guides the mind to a state of calm awareness. Stress, inner tension, and unrest are resolved and your doshas will be rebalanced.

The Oldest Way to Find Yourself

Similar to the classical teachings of Ayurveda, yoga has its roots in India. The Sanskrit word „yoga“ („unification“) was first mentioned in the books of Veda 5,000 years ago. Originally focused on the promotion of mental clarity, yoga masters began to engage the body in the physical yoga exercises around 1,400 years ago. Every path of self-awareness can be called yoga and numerous different forms have been developed, each with their own philosophy. In addition to the meditative forms, Hatha Yoga – the physical exercises – are most common to be practiced. The harmonious interaction of body, breathing, and mind is the basis of most yoga styles. Due to the physically less strenuous exercises and calmer movements, traditional Hatha Yoga is particularly suitable for beginners.

Hatha Yoga – Reflection and Deep Relaxation

Hatha Yoga is taught professionally in our resorts. The syllable „ha“ stands for the sun, which embodies the active, extroverted life, while the syllable „tha“ means moon and is a symbol for quietness, emotions, and intuition. The careful execution of the exercises should bring both components together into balance.

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